Halloween antics for the office

Boost team morale and keep staff happy by getting into the spirit of Halloween. Here’s a handful of ideas that won’t interfere with your working
day too much.

1. Let your employees dress up Make sure you stress that it must be workplace appropriate, though!

2. Apple bobbing It’s timeless, simple, cheap and easy.

3. Guess how many sweets are in a jar The sweets might not stay in the jar for very long…

4. Allow employees to decorate their desks You could even give the employee with spookiest set-up a prize.

5. Halloween trivia Split your office into teams to see who has the best memory of monster movie and book trivia. Halloween’s good fun, and like all holidays, it contributes to our economy…find out more by clicking here. I hope this has given you a few ideas. Try not to overdo it thought.