Most Common CV Errors

Where CVs are concerned, the simplest mistakes are often the ones that cost you the job.

Before hitting ‘send’, check that you haven’t made one of these schoolboy errors.

Wrong name

Make sure you have addressed your CV to the right person, and that you’ve spelt their name correctly.

Wrong CV

When you’re applying for multiple roles via email it’s easy to attach the wrong the CV. This is devastating when you’ve taken the time to update and tailor it.

To avoid this error, make sure that you save include job title or company in the file name when saving your CV. That way you won’t upload an older or different version by mistake.

No attachment

Employers are swamped with hundreds of CVs each day. If you forget to attach your CV to an email, most of them won’t bother prompting you for it.

Bad format

Some files can only be opened on Apple Macs, others can only be opened in Windows.

PDF files tend to be universal, and can be opened on both Windows and Apple Mac computers. Saving it as a PDF will also ensure your file won’t be reformatted when opened on a different device.

Informal email address

Keep it professional. Stick with some variation of your name and/or initials.

Wrong title

We all know that it’s your CV – you don’t need to label it as such. Instead, the title of your CV should be your name – this is what you want the employer to remember.

Typos and spelling mistakes

Don’t trust Microsoft word; if your typo actually forms a real word, or you accidentally use an American spelling, your word processor won’t highlight your error.

Here’s how you proofread the old fashioned way: